Person Of Interest

Dennis Schnurr Named Archbishop

Following the retirement of Archbishop Pilarczyk, Dennis Schnurr is named the tenth archbishop of Cincinnati. During his tenure in Cincinnati, he has introduced the Prayer for Vocations. Begging God for more laborers, the archdiocese has seen an increase of priestly vocations, necessitating an expansion of the seminary. Archbishop Schnurr is supportive and welcoming of initiatives for the new evangelization.

Auxiliary Bishop Daniel Pilarczyk Named Archbishop

When Archbishop Bernardin is sent to the Archdiocese of Chicago, Dayton-born Auxiliary Bishop Daniel Pilarczyk is named the ninth archbishop of Cincinnati. Archbishop Pilarczyk worked to address challenges, including the decline in the number of priests and demographic changes that required parish consolidations and closings. Archbishop Pilarczyk wrote nearly two dozen books and booklets, addressing themes such as contemporary moral issues, Scriptures and social justice.

Joseph Bernardin Named Archbishop

Following the unexpected death of Archbishop Leibold, Joseph Bernardin is named Archbishop of Cincinnati. He worked to promote stewardship and centralized diocesan structures and took an active role in the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, serving as its general secretary and later its president.

Bishop Paul Leibold Named Archbishop

With Archbishop Alter’s retirement, Bishop Paul Leibold is named archbishop and is charged with implementing many of the conciliar reforms in the archdiocese. He died suddenly at the age of 57, having served as archbishop for less than three years.

Archbishop Karl Alter Serves Cincinnati

Coming from the Diocese of Toledo, Archbishop Karl Alter serves the local church at a time of great growth. He oversaw the restoration of the cathedral, the building of a new St. Gregory Seminary, the founding of seven new high schools, the building of 41 elementary schools and the expansion of 50 additional schools.

John McNicholas Named Archbishop

Following the death of Archbishop Moeller, John McNicholas is named archbishop. During his tenure, Archbishop McNicholas was among the most influential US bishops in the interwar years, taking an active role in the causes of social reform, evangelization and education.